Dr. Christine Boers-Doets, the Side Effects Doctor

If your side effect measures are not effective,

it needs some work

Motivational Lectures • Inspiring Masterclasses • Transformational Intensives

If your side effect measures are not effective, 

it needs some work

Motivational Lectures • Inspiring Masterclasses • Transformational Intensives

Become successful in

treating side effects from targeted cancer treatments

 effectively within 48 hours

  • For patients, healthcare professionals & pharma
  • Proven scientific approach
  • Within 48 hours result (98% guaranty)

Why take the Risk?

Why risk the need to stop early with a lifesaving or life-sustaining cancer treatment?

Treatments are long and intensive and are accompanied with side effects that can persist even years after treatment.

  1. patients experience a reduced quality of life due to the persistent side effects
  2. persistent or severe side effects are reason to discontinue lifesaving or life-prolonging treatments early
  3. this can cause patients to die prematurely

But why not try to treat them first? 

With Dr. Christine Boers-Doets’ approach, you will never have to perform a dose reduction, dose delay or full-stoppage again. 

You’ll save time, save money, and feel great getting side effects managed. Prepared for the side effects to come!

Over 36 years of clinical experience
Over 21 years of research experience
Over 27 published scientific articles

How it Works

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1. Select your talk

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2. Choose your event day

Step no 3

3. Learn & apply

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We get it – side effects diminish the success rate of cancer therapies

regimen, or termination of lifesaving or life prolonging treatment, thereby diminishing the success rate of the treatment administered. 

When you get to know Dr. Christine’s approach, you will experience how simple and practical her 6-step TARGET approach is, just by optimizing widely used side effects approaches. With a little twist you can achieve so much more.

  • Within 48 hours. 
  • 98% chance of success. 
  • No dose adjustments needed. 

Book Dr. Christine today and see yourself how Dr. Christine genuinely cares about the side effects you are facing and your overall cancer treatment success.

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